the no mess, no pest treadle feeder...

Although chicken treadle feeders have been around for years they have never been perfected.

They are clumsy and expensive and not waterproof.

Some are made of wood and not robust.

Have large moving parts which can injure your chickens.

Chooktred is 100% Australian made and owned.

Chooktred was developed in Victoria, Australia to overcome all these problems, but most importantly is extremely simple and  comes fully assembled and ready to use.

The Chooktred designed, original anti-flick grill feature minimizes the amount of wasted feed due to chickens flicking through the feed tray.

For best results we recommend using pellets or crumble.

Chooktred is designed for backyard chooks upwards of 1kg, which suits most backyard breeds and bantams. The NEW 2017 model now has a simple adjustment to make it work for very light birds under 1KG. This can be adjusted by you at home.

Chooktred’s are hand built on the Mornington Peninsula, Victoria, Australia and can be modified to suit your requirements.


I purchased one from you at Gisborne Market then phoned to order another one. Just wanting to let you know they are the best thing since sliced bread.Love it! No more wastage and feeding wild birds. The Chooks adapted to it within a day just like you said they would. The younger ones used it straight away and the older ones took  under 1 day.Thanks so much I am telling everyone about Chooktred.

Simone Valenti...Gisborne

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